Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Blossoms Bloomin

Something for Dylan & Latvala fans
Lucky folks looking forward to shows next week!
I'll be busy getting some stuff together for REX..and getting the kids settled into school..but I'm with you all in spirit..
If ya get the chance give that Bobby Weir a gentle hug from me..Go ahead tell him Irenie sent ya..Just don't squeeze him too hard.

MAZEL TOV on the grammy nomination to Dan Zanes-the kid's album nominated is House Party- which has Bobby in it...Ruh-Roh, I see theyre up against my very favorite kid's artist , The fabulous Ella Jenkins!
Maybe we can hope for a tie?

Didnt mean to cause concern wrt the sad news for Sash...
A terrible thing happened to one of her classmates(whole family murdered by the dad!). The family lived on the same street, a few houses down from one of Sash's best buddies. All the girlfriends were calling here on Friday to process thru the grisly details with Sash-who was still at camp.
We werent exactly sure how well Sash knew the girl or the family. I knew the face in the newspaper- the girl had often passed by the car while I was waiting to pick up Sash from school.Though Scott and I had planned to discuss it with Sash after we got her home- Noah blurted it all out the moment we got back to our hotel in Willits (town near Laytonville). All is okay. Thanks for the vibes and the emails.
Sash was fairly shocked something like that could happen to someone she knew and a bit freaked that a dad could do such a thing ...

Winnarainbow was same as ever! Wavy was in NY for the weekend- emceeing something..But he had been around most of the session according to Sash.
Sash had a great time..For the big show she was part of a Improv group..and also prt of a 70's dancing thing...Almost anyone can do The Bump & The Hustle but my kid can do them on stilts now!
Home in time for anniversary celebrating...17 years of mostly great fun and it goes by really fast when it's good! We enjoyed a massive Indian dinner and curled up on the couch to watch the series finale of Six Feet Under...A show we loved..I could do a whole blog about how much we both identifyed with parts of ALL the charactors lives.. Sarah's "Artist Way" friends! Claire in Art School-LOL!.The charactor of Brenda's mother mightve been based on my mom- said Scott. In the end, Keith was one of my favorite charactors (after Brenda)..I hated seeing him shot up...
Fare thee well ((SFU))
On to "WEEDS" and "Rome" now, I guess...