Thursday, June 09, 2005


Welcome back online (((((David))))))!!!
Sounds like a great time-
Info culled off Deadnet:

6/8/2005 (Wed.) Madison Theater, Covington, KY
I: Jam > Feel Like a Stranger > Easy Answers > Baby Blue, Mission in the Rain > Walkin Blues > Josephine, Lucky Enough, Ramble On Rose > Playin in the Band
II: Artificial Flowers@, Me and My Uncle@4, When I Paint My Masterpiece@5>6, Playin Jam > Uncle John's Band > Jam* > Knockin on Heaven's Door > Playin in the Band > China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
E: Brokedown Palace
 *-without Bob; "Stranger" tease during 1st set "Playin"
Handsfree - 08:57am Jun 9, 2005 PDT (#2602 of 2636)

Last night was a smoker, scorcher, hot, blazin rippin tight band playing for a sweet crowd charged and howling. First set was solid the stranger and Walking blues ruled...but the Playin was just astounding...some exceptional beautiful music from everyone up there. Man, this band is on fire. Thanks Bobby! Got to say hi to Jeff and Robin...they were so sick. Man, that was a huge amount of fun! UJb was rippin, China Cat...I think they are on another level now...really charged and ready to lay a fat trip on you. Best RD show I've seen from a solid, tight musical perspective. The sound was crystal clear...the Ramble on was a great time too...great ears on these guys, they play togehter so well. It was great! Thanks!