Tuesday, June 07, 2005


GO Here:
A rather great interview!
Been busy here- actually, finally getting around to booking our London/Netherlands vacation..About time, eh..since we are taking off in LESS THAN A MONTH!
Reservations went pretty easily...Taking Virgin Airlines nonstop (only 10 hour flight!) to UK then grabbing a flight out to Ams.
Renting the townhouse ABOVE Rookies..It's funky but has a kitchen, more beds than we even need, a rooftop patio and is so perfectly wonderfully located around the corner from Leidesplein..Will probably be noisy but we are good sleepers.
When we finish in Ams- it's back across the North Sea to London..The Sterling is giving us a pounding, no Mayfair this time ( especially since we are +2 more travellers this round) But we are happy to have found a nice place in Notting hill - "a minute away from the underground"..
Then in August- looks like I'll be heading to West Virginia...probably...maybe...looking good!

How about that VH1 Bobby?! Such a rush to see him & the fellers on TV! I love the Hell in a Bucket video!! Turned the TV on to Vh1 again this afternoon and they were playing it again!
Somewhere online is another recent Bobby interview- I'll look for it tomorrow!