Monday, August 02, 2004

Yegods! Its a lot of freakin work settling into this new house!
Still unpacking just the kitchen!
Decisions-decisions, where to put up the Bobby Shrine?
Yesterday,in the ravine, we saw what must be the biggest feral cat ever or an actual BOB cat- Nasty grungy looking beast-but if he is the reason why I havnt seen a single rodent out or about the canyon-then, I won't mind lettin his flea bitten old self to hang there (as long as he stays on his side of the chicken wire that is!)

On to the Weir Freak Biz d'jour:

I live for the details- Thanks Robbie-
Robbie F - 03:04pm Aug 2, 2004 PDT (#23722 of 23722)
the midnight hour - two souls in communion - easy wind, he's gone

Here's my promised review of Saturday Mansfield:

I thought Saturday was the show of the weekend. Jack Straw was a perfect opener for the scorching hot day we had all been through. Dark Star began as I had never heard it before, with the riff played over a very different jagged sounding rhythm. Quite a few people around thought I was crazy when I first ID'd the riff. All That We Are also got much funkier than it had been last year. Missed Joan's vocals, but the band and groove improved immensely. Enjoyed hearing Warren and Bob's very different approaches to slide soloing on Rooster, and the Cassidy was jammed deep and stellar. Althea was also a nice treat in the first set.

My highlight of the show was pre-drums. Looks Like Rain with acoustic was delicate and beautiful. Sailor > Saint, always a favorite, grabbed me in a wholly new way due to my having recently learned how to sail. OTSR was some powerful dark magic that led perfectly into a dynamite drums.

Out of drums, Warren did a beautiful rendition of Stella Blue (just as nice as Joan IMO). Bobby was obviously getting choked up during standing on the moon - and had some trouble with the lyrics as a result - but this just made me realize that part of what I love about Bobby is his obvious humanity on stage. It keeps it real to me to see him get choked up while singing the song of a departed friend, even if the end result is not immaculate. Cap that off with a beautiful jam out of the 2nd verse of Dark Star into the Cassidy reprise, and it was a show for the ages. Cassidy > OMSN transition also worked just exactly perfect (like a swiss watch). And Johnny B Goode sent us home smiling and rocking. Oh what a night!