Saturday, August 14, 2004

As you can see, I've had some help with the blogger- My son came by to watch the Olympic Ceremonies and showed me his Blog and helped me figure out some stuff on here- like providing links! YAY!
And he put my "On the rail" picture on here....A quick story about the photo- Kemmie invited me to accompany her to see Kimock (she's a Kimock kid) at the Fillmore- There was a rumor that his Bobself was gonna be sitting in-So, how could I stay home? Plus, I had seen Kimock a few times and remember enjoying his style. Well, we met up with a nice group of Deadnetters and because of the rumored Bobness, they FORCED me to hold that rail! Then agaion, NO ONE can anchor a spot on the rail like I can- it's a tad frustrating to sshare rail space with folks who let go and let wedgers in- which eventually causes dislocation from the front of the house.... I share/take turns but when I'm up- I never let go....
Okay, well, at the time this photo was taken- Bobby's vox was being set up on the stage! I'm squinting at it....A little while later, the vox was removed - something came up and no Bobstar....I still managed to have a good time- a spy in the house of Kimock!!!

Another Blurb about Ratdog Tour from Ruby:
Thanks to those of you alerting us:
Although the original confirmation of the
RatDog Beacon shows stated October
9 and 10, this turned out to be in error.

We have just confirmed that you were right:
Bob Weir and RatDog will play at the Beacon
Theater, New York, NY on FRIDAY AND