Monday, June 14, 2004

dead review from the roo
Author: mudbather (65.54.98.---)
Date:   06-14-04 19:38

there have been some great reviews of the show already, but here's a little bit of my experience, we saw the show from backstage (very friggin lucky)

first off- we made it to the rear during mule's set- at this time bobby's guitar tech was tuning up his guitars and mickey and billy were hanging out checking out their equipment, jeff was just kind of hanging out. at one point Billy had the guitar tech fix his sunglasses, we had a pretty good laugh watching that one (he finally added some oil to the left hinge, that made billy pretty happy).

we took off after soulshine (which was just scorching, easily warren's best contribution to music ever), and waited through the rain delay before getting back to outr primo location- mickey was close to the stage playing along to winwood's set on a drum pad, winwood was really something, i missed the first part of last year's summer tour- so my first time seeing him in a while... low spark was incredible, we were shocked that warren did not show up for any of this stuff, i guess the clones were in another part of the venue...

then the rain really started up, coming down hard enough to rip the covering of the stage in parts, really terrifying stuff

backstage antics- phil and jill were all over each other like kids on prom night, it was pretty funny. jimmy and warren rapped pretty much the entire time until the okay sign was given, mickey had someone backstage help him put on his gloves, and he also had robbie move a piece of equipment so he could step up on a platform without exerting himself- that was really funny to watch.

there was a setlist in front of each band member, we weren't able to read it clearly until during drums, so here are some thoughts on the set list and other facets of my vantage point:
1. the setlist was played verbatim except for the addition of box of rain
2. there was a definite lovelight tease before help>slip, though the setlist had lovelight after franklin's
3. there was a jackstraw tease in numerous parts of the first set, i thought the one before jed was the biggest, i was wondering if the band was doing this to screw with the audience, or if they remembred they were supposed to play jack straw and just couldn;t remember when (oh yeah, we're supposed to play this first, it's on the sheet)
4. the band seemed somewhat unprepared for bobby mcgee, they almost acted as if bobby wasn't supposed to play it (his guitar tech was surprised for him to play his acoustic guitar two songs in a row)
5. chimenti and herring watch each other most of the time, they kind of look through warren, bobby and phil to direct jams, watch for this this summer- they really play well off of each other, maybe better interplay than anywhere else in the band...
6. during franklin's jimmy mouthed "WOW" to someone off stage, i think it was the first time he noticed the sea (and I mean sea) of people in front of him

after lovelight, Bobby and Phil played a game of Paper, Rock, Scissors- phil seemed to win the first game, and after some debate, they played again and again phil won- i am not sure if this was for who would play the first encore or who would make the political speech...
after phil's organ rap (wouldn't it be nice if he said this in other parts of the set... help>slip>donor rap>etc...) bobby talked about Head Count (which he called Move On until he was corrected) and how we should all register to vote and actually vote- while he never said which party to vote for, he did point out that if we took the time to vote we could actually make a change...

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