Thursday, June 10, 2004


jillybean - 05:49pm Jun 10, 2004 PDT (#3265 of 3266)
she always liked to sing along

the order went:

K.C. Moan@
Friend of the Devil@

Me and Bobby McGee@

Jack Straw@

Throwing Stones@

it was SUPER COOL!! the studio place was way cool. there was 40-50 people there. dennis mcnally was doing the "fronting" for bobby thing.

we all need to show IDs to get in. then we get laminates like we're real back stage schmoozers or something. i was happy with the laminate. we have to sign to consent to being filmed. the whole thing was filmed for a potential series (or somehting along those lines). then we go into the waiting area. we pass all these little rooms (little broadcasting studios, i think). most have names - i guess they coorespond to the channels on the radio.

anyway - i kinda let time slip by, so i have NO idea how long any of this lasted. we waited for a while and then go into the "venue" - which was kinda like a cross between a little tiny venue and a recording studio. there was a stage with 2 chairs and a table and an acoustic guitar mic set up off to the side.

I got a front row seat - all the way on the left (bobby's side) right in front of the guitar mic setup. the interview, george taylor morris, tells us that he's gonna bring out bobby, we should give big cheers and acts if anybody has any questions. my hand shoots up and i get question #1. lucky me.

they talk. i think they started with ((( ray charles ))) and bobby called him a pioneer in improvisational rock.

bobby is wearing a well worn green polo, greenish shorts (in the high tech fabric - although a very nice 5 or 6 inch inseam) and green birks. they talk about lots of stuff we already know about. new tour. new band. new guitar (adopted family story/guitar story).

bobby is kind and gracious. then the interviewer says we can go either 2 ways bobby singing, or questions. and, me, being the fuckhead that i am, only heard "the questions" part - and i was 1/2 way up before i realized i'm a doofus and he should sing. but i was there so i asked.

basically, my question was "in the later brent years you traded vocals with him a lot, is there anybody in particular that you enjoy trading vocals with now" and he gave me the pat answer that he trades with everybody. question #2 gets up. i don't remember it. it was better than mine, though.

then he did KC moan and cassidy.

back to interview. talked about robin. he basically said (and i'm really NOT putting words in his mouth) that the band (ratdog) encouraged him to "fire" rob and get an electric bass player.

then he talked a bit about how they never rehearse how to end songs. he said that they sometimes rehearse how to go from one song into another song and about 1/2 the time they actually do that. but they rarely rehearse how to end the songs (really!).

he did me and bobby mcgee after telling the story and he and janis on the festival express. then he talked more about "of mice and men" and then played jack straw. more talking. somewhere in there was some political talk - but not so political. more a "get out the vote effort" than politics. but he clearly is not happy with the current administration.

then he ended with throwing stones. i was thrilled (a sing-a-long)!

then we waited back in the same area. he had to talk to a reporter first. then he came out and took pictures with anybody who wanted one. then he signed anything that anybody wanted signed. he was quite gracious and kind (i think i already said that).


the dude asks about the new generations of fans and he went off on some tangent about how we're all kindred spirits. it was weird but i do agree that there is a "get it" or "don't get it" quality to the music.