Friday, June 11, 2004


Posted by Tony Bano (165.125.33.x) at 10:29:26 on June 11, 2004:
(Follow-up to Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: meet bob weir on thursday posted by Tony Bano at 16:58:51 on June 9, 2004)
Well what can I say, IT WAS AWESOME!! Incredibly intimate. There was approximately 40 people in this small studio. We all got very nice laminated badges on a beaded chain to wear while we were in the building and we got to keep them. They are very cool. I lucked out and wound up front row on the aisle right in front of Bobby and right in front of where he played. I was appoximately 9 ft from him the entire time. It was really quite unbelievable. Prior to him coming out they asked us if any of us wanted to ask any questions and they gave you a piece of paper with a number. I got #4. It was set up where the interviewer asked him some questions and then the audience asked a question or 2 and then he would play a song or 2. He played 5 songs all acoustic. His voice sounded great. He did have a few lyrical flubs but he and the audience laughed them off. He was definitely having a good time. They asked us to make some noise for him when he came out and lets just say when this is eventually broadcast it will sound like there's about 100 people in there. I believe I was the loudest and he kinda looked at me a little funny the first time. He had to walk right past me when he was returning to his seat after playing. The front row gave him a standing ovation after each song and as I was clapping I could have reached out and slapped him and I think he was a little blown away by the crowd reaction. I mean I was screaming and clapping like a nut. He then got used to it and he really seemed to relax. He did 5 songs, K.C. Moan, Friend of the Devil, Me and Bobby McGee, Jack Straw and Throwing Stones. After Jack Straw, during the standing O, I was giving him a few ''we're not worthy'' bows ala Wayne's World and he was smiling and gave a few bows back. It was REALLY cool. He did a bunch of bows after Throwing Stones which wapped up the show. The audience got to answer back the ''ashes to ashes all fall down'' during throwin' .

When I got to ask my question about halfway thru the show I said something like: Hi Bob, my name's Tony and my brother Joe says hi, He goes who? and I say my brother Joe says hi. He goes Hi and makes a goofy face and gives a funny wave. That cracked my brother up. Anyway, I go. I'm a huge fan and love Ratdog. I was at Penn's Peak and just thought that that show was awesome. A lot of people wanted me to ask you if Ratdog would do 2 shows there in the fall, and he starts to answer and I keep talking saying preferably on a Friday and Saturday for those of us who are travelling. He kinda laughs at that and say they really had a great time there and loved the venue and that he thinks that will happen. He said they had been discussing it and they felt they should do 2 shows there this coming tour. I said thanks and then asked a followup question regarding the Jay Lane thing. I asked if the Ratdog we saw in the spring was going to be the same ratdog we see in the fall. He said yes that's what we try to do. we've been playing together for awhile and we like it so I would say yes. A little more elaborate than that but that's the gist of it.

After the show we had a meet and greet and he was extremely cool and laid back. My friend and I got a very nice picture with him and I got a nice one of him alone. He was signing anything nd he was just extremely cool. I talked to him a few times and mentioned I shook his hand like 4 times. Made a couple jokes at him and he kinda laughed.

It was all good.