Saturday, October 03, 2009

Happy Birthday John Perry Barlow!

Congratulations to Avery in Las Vegas for finding your way onto !!
That's quite a tattoo!
I met Avery & his lovely wife years ago at a HOB Ratdog show. Of course, we knew each other before then from good old deadnet central.

Wow and hey now, it's been a crazy Summer. Lots of technical issues driving me away from blogging with any regularity.
Just now trying to remember what Weir Freaking I've been up to. While there never seems to be enough shows, I think this has been a pretty active season

I did go to Spokane for and had a good time from front to end!
Pozo's ended up being a lot cooler weather wise. Amazing how many folks from all over the states made it out there. It's about as obscure as Morgan Town or Bilston. Not easy to get to, where ever a freak is coming from. There was Alphabet Soup @ Coda, Band of Brothers in SF & Santa Cruz, Scaring the Children in Mill Valley and Furthur @ The Fox in Oakland.
Next up- well, I don't know? Rumors of Jemimah Puddleduck (C'mon Mark! Hometown wants to see & hear you!). Rumors of NYE (another birthday show?) . Will there be Rex bennies?
Guess we will find out soon enough?!

A nice surprise last night as the old man & I were watching "Ken Burns: The National Parks: America's Best Idea" Sugar Magnolia " played on the soundtrack. Bobby is everywhere! To view the shows online go to