Sunday, August 16, 2009

Last night headed up to SF, to find Coda. Not hard to find as the club is located almost on the corner of Mission & Duboce. Finding parking was a notches harder to do, but soon enough we found a spot and were getting our hands stamped and suveying the scene.
The club was half full when we got there. Everyone looking nice.
Coda is newly opened and contemporary. Not very big but efficient and fresh. The small stage was hidden behind a curtain. The drinks were terrific and the food looked good.
The crowd was happy. Saw many friends. Schmoozed til the music started.
The first set was the mellow acidy jazz. The 2nd set was more hip hop jazz with the fellows- CB & Gabriel stepping in and rapping it up. Jay played an enormous drum solo somewhere in there and everyone cheered. Jeff & Kenny were right there too. A fine evening- over too soon!