Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey Now!

For me, it's been the Summer of crazy! My computer blew about a month ago and I have been using an ipod touch, an iMac from 1999, a cheapie Acer netbook and for the last week, my husband's PC. Blogger's been weird too. Apparently I cannot seem to C & P too much here anymore. OY!
Also, it's been a long time since I've seen any Bobby or Ratdoggers play. That will be changing very soon! YAY!
Tomorrow night, I hope to get out to the Mission to catch Alphabet Soup with Jeff Chimenti, Jay Lane and Hurrah! Kenny Brooks (in town at last!) .
I'm happy to say I'll be hitting the Spokane Ratdog show on the 25th. Very excited as it has been ages (Jamaica!) since I've been to a Ratdog show and longer than ages since I've gone off to a new place on my own for a show. It turned out that the Los Angeles Greek RD show falls on my dad's birthday . Earlier this Summer, my dad was hospitalized - ICU for a week. He's been doing better but this is a birthday I really want to share with him. Scott & I will slip down to Pozo's for that show as soon as birthday festivities finish.
But you know, I can't just see one show. I love travelling- booking flights, researching hotels, I had a little change left over from my last Dogdaze payment and decided to head to the great North West. I'd been to Portland and to Seattle but not to Spokane. Someone on some message board was wondering how come Spokane wasnt getting attention from fans since the venue is said to be so nice. Well, that just turned my head and I decided Spokane is the place I want to see my guys play. It will be my 97th Ratdog show. I can't think of a better reason to go to Spokane!
As I said, we will also be heading to Pozo's! I'm a little scared since it was insanely hot there a few years ago...but it's the closest o the Bay Area (lol, it's half way to LA!) and the following day is a holiday. Whatever- I am looking forward to being with Scott. We travel well together- except for when he drives too fast and I freak out. I'll just wear blinders!
Also coming up- The new Furthur group!! Three nights in Oakland! With a little luck we will get tickets for a few of those shows. Unable to make all of them as my kid is moving away to college on that Sunday.