Monday, May 04, 2009

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Lord of Misrule

folks who are coming to the Shoreline gigs might also want to check out a party that I'm putting together with the blessing of Zane Kesey called "A.T. Furthur: Daze Between" (the Always Traveling Furthur Circus' tribute to the Acid Tests... a follow-up party to the Vegas A.T. 40 event on Halloween of '05)...

here's what we've got at present:

AT Furthur: Daze Between

Happeners will include:

The Furthur Bus
Live Painting by Alex and Allyson Grey
The Everyone Orchestra
conducted by Matt Butler
featuring a San Francisco All Star Band
with Steve Kimock, Chris Haugen, Melvin Seals, Wally Ingram, members of ALO, Hot Buttered Rum and...???
Beats Antique
DJ Haj (CoSM, Freek Factory)
L Fiasco
Jug Dealers

Mission Rock Cafe
817 Terry Francois Blvd
San Francisco CA

Contact info:

Just announced:

July 14-15, 2009
Penn's Peak
Jim Thorpe, PA
w/ Jackie Greene

For updated info, please visit


Just announced:

July 21, 2009

Greenfield Amphitheater

Wilmington, NC

w/ Jackie Greene

For updated info, please visit