Tuesday, May 05, 2009

After all the admission dust settled, UCSC found they did indeed have space for my daughter!
After poking around the UCSC website- here's some info I found for folks coming to Shoreline for Dead shows:

The Dead '09: Shoreline

We'll be there.
For those of you catching a miracle and being lucky enough to get tickets for the two Shoreline, Mountain View concerts of The Dead '09 tour on May 10th and 14th, stop by the UCSC Grateful Dead Archive booth, say hello, and help us out financially. We'll be there and we'll be fundraising to help process and preserve the Archive. Any amount helps and goes to pay for supplies, equipment and staffing -- all needed to secure the Archive for the future and to make it accessible to fans and scholars now. We'll be selling Grateful Slug t-shirts and also taking donations. (If you're from out of the area and still want to contribute , here's how to make a donation:
Online gifts can be made at: http://library.ucsc.edu/give

T-Shirts can be ordered here.