Thursday, January 08, 2009

SF Weekly presents All Shook Down!

While mentioning All shook down, I remember a particular birthday boy singing about getting all shook up!
(((ELVIS Presley))) Have I ever written about when I was a kid and went to an Elvis show? I was around 12 and all the women were crying. Elvis let little girls come up to the stage and be sung to. My parents had me drag my beautiful 4 year old sister to the stage - the security/stagehands put her up on the stage , Elvis kissed her on her cheek! The audience cheered! The following Summer, we attended a Tom Jones show and it happened again! Alexis got a kiss which Tom played on by asking her after the kiss "So, Where's Mommy?!" The place went wild and I was surprised my mom didn't run down to the rail and throw herself at him!
I'm getting off track-
Another favorite Capricorn, having a posthumous birthday today is BILL GRAHAM!
What good times and crazy memories we all have thanks to him.

One of my favorite message boarders also a Birthday today - Happy Birthday FLJen!

My review/ramble about the Civic Center shows in still a work in progress- with any luck, I'll have some account up before the Jamaica Ratdog daze!!