Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bobby mention in article @ http://www.news-journalonline.com/NewsJournalOnline/Business/Headlines/bizBIZ01012009.htm

"Normally Johnny Sanchez, owner of Rock 'N' Ride on Main Street, isn't the least bit interested in politics.

"I have not voted since (George) McGovern lost (the presidential election) in 1972," Sanchez said. "But this year, because the Grateful Dead were campaigning for Obama, I kept up."

Sanchez, a diehard Grateful Dead fan who has followed the band as a groupie on their tours through Europe and the U.S., incorporated the band's logo into a superhero-costumed character he called Obamaman and showed up at a Grateful Dead concert in Boca Raton with T-shirts.

"I took it where all the hippie vendors were -- to Shakedown Street. I sold more than 100 and gave stickers with each shirt," Sanchez said.

When band member Bob Weir saw Sanchez holding up a shirt in the crowd, he called him up on stage, which provided Sanchez with another product to sell -- framed numbered photos of himself with Weir. He had eight of them and sold most, for $75 each."