Thursday, January 10, 2008


I've had all sorts of problems posting here!
No clue why because my other blogs seem okay but anyhow;

Here's an online article containing some quotes from Senor Bobby.

Some reading to look forward to- eventually!

Growing Up Dead: The Hallucinated Confessions of a Teenage Deadhead will be released in 2009 by Da Capo Press,
More info to be found about the author & book @

Can't tell yas whether Bobby will again be part of the team but it's just about the time of year
for this:
For the fourth time at Macworld Conference & Expo, the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus will join us in the Exhibit Hall.
Macworld marks the kick off of the 11th Anniversary of The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. Take a tour of the non-profit mobile recording and multimedia studios, stop by for one of the scheduled presentations, and learn how celebrated artists have used the Bus to work with students to record their own music and video projects with the products and solutions found on board including Logic, Reason, Final Cut Pro, Live 6 and JVC Pro video cameras.
Keep up to date with the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and Bus schedule at:

Looking forward to Sirius Fun in January!!

Guest DJ: Bob Weir
Tues 1/15 8:00 pm ET
Every once on a while, members of the Grateful Dead like to hop on the mic and take over the SIRIUS airwaves on The Grateful Dead Channel…after all, it is their channel! Bob Weir is kicking off his 2008 by dropping by with some of his favorite tunes. He’s done a set of country-flavored music, as well as a show focused on Bob Dylan…and this time, he’s "jazzing" it up a bit! He’ll play about an hour of some of his favorite jazz musicians, composers and singers that influenced him in the Grateful Dead. Don’t miss it!

Rebroadcast: Weds., Jan. 16th @ 3 pm ET; Thurs., Jan. 17th @ 10 am ET; Fri., Jan. 18th @ 12 am ET; Fri., Jan. 18th @ 4 pm ET; Sat., Jan. 19th @ 4 pm ET; Sun., Jan. 20th @ 10 am ET.

The Grateful Dead Channel Tales From the Golden Road New Show Debut!
Sun 1/20 4:00 pm ET
Wanna talk about the Grateful Dead? Join in an live on-air chat session called Tales from the Golden Road! Once a month, Dead experts David Gans and Gary Lambert host a show about a cool topic from the Dead’s history. There’ll be exclusive stories, great jams, and special guests including the band members themselves!