Friday, January 18, 2008

Have some extra time to poke around?
Lots of good pix to be seen at!!!!!

I'm not heading to Phil but this looks very groooovy!
We received it in today's email!

Hey Now, Hey Now...

If you are coming to San Francisco to see Phil on January 25/26, you should put some flowers in your hair and make the scene at Open Mind Music. On hand will be the man behind the Trips Festival documentary, Eric Christensen. He will be leading a gathering of the tribes with a Q&A, clips from the documentary, good vibes and groovy folks. This is a BYOKA event, aka Bring Your Own Kool Aid.

The scene is at Open Mind Music, 2150 Market St. San Francisco, between Church and Sanchez on Friday, January 25 between 5 and 7pm. Your host for the evening, store owner Henry Wimmer, cordially invites you to pay a visit, turn back time, and dream a dream all your own. Hope to see you there!