Friday, October 26, 2007

Ratdog Dire Wolf 10/26/07

From Tooboarder news.

Lovely review by Debess from DNC:

debess - Oct 27, 2007 10:07 am

oooweeeeeeeeeee - great opening show for the tour last night GREAT! Highlights for me, slippery Slipknot, Bury Me Standing, Foolish Heart (awesome awesome jamming). Sweet Ripple encore (after Quinn encore), both with full audience participation. I caught up with Julie and Rus at set break and saw the 2nd set with them. Asked Julie if west coast audiences sing along so much - "NO! not at all! but even -I- was singing", she said. yes, and even Kimock was singing some songs too (not mic'ed) His playing just touches my heart - so happy to have another guitarist that does that for me in my lifetime. dream come true to have him playing with ratdog - treasuring every moment. Jeff gets MVP - his playing was so excitedly ON last night - and featured in many of the songs. They were all having fun - could see it in their faces from our very close perspective. Bobby directs with subtle facial gestures and moving around the stage. I most loved it when he would move in close to Steve and play to eachother. They had some great locked-in jams last night. Ashes and Glass for San Diego? First Dire Wolf. nice job!