Monday, October 08, 2007

Thoughts on Hippies, dancing & DSO @ Fillmore found at

I don't know the details but I'll want to be watching!

Here's a sweet read!
Bobby & coffee in one blog post makes me smile

Mercy me!
I've been uber busy with stuff and am just settling down now!
I'll have info on the birthday Bobby project -maybe next week?

On Sunday night, Scott and I made it to Mill Valley for the afterparty for the movie "Dylan Interpreted".
We didnt see the movie but enjoyed the music presented at the Throcknorton Theatre event.
There is a setlist at Dot org.
No taping or photos were allowed but a few folks were able to get snaps (again go check it out at dot org).

We ran into a few & hung out a little bit with the few people we knew but mostly it was a film crowd who seemed pretty much into an actor/musician named John Doe.
Ben Fong Torres was the emcee. He was good and actually very funny! Scotto was stoked to be speaking with him after the show.
Another funny guy was there= Don Novello aka Father Guido Sarducci. A fellow involved with the film's music spoke.. He seemed familiar ...when someone said it was Radio's Jim Dunbar's kid-also named Jim, I laughed- I went thru High School on the Peninsula with Jim. Perhaps if I had looked into going to one of the reunions, I'd had an easier time recognizing him.
And of course, Bobby, Jay & Wass were there and looking happy.