Thursday, September 13, 2007

How awesome is that Stereo?

I was looking through a box of old photos and here is one from my 9th birthday (12/31/1967). I had asked for & received my first vinyl-an album by the Monkees! You can see the cover on the coffee table. I'm dancing with enthusiasm for my parents. My passion for Rock & Roll was just in the beginning stages. No telling how many albums I wore out until I got into 8 track tapes and after that, discs. These days, I'm all iTunes & Sirius but once upon a time there was the thrill of vinyl.

Tomorrow, my "Baby" turns 13! This Summer he discovered Classic Rock.
Scott brought home a digital turntable and Noah spent weeks spinning old vinyl records into the computer.
He's thrown himself completely into music. The times we walked in SF without getting sucked into a used record store are over. Noah has been following along with interest about the fate of Village Music and so tomorrow- after a quick birthday lunch with my other son, Jason (who works in Mill Valley). Noah will take his birthday money and have at it on his one and likely only visit to Village Music!