Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Robin Sylvester!!!!!!

Coming to Mill Valley Film Festival:

The Trips Festival

Eighteen months before the Summer of Love, a handful of San Francisco performance artists, filmmakers, musicians, entrepreneurs and futurists planted the seeds of countercultural happenings. The result: the Trips Festival, a mind-blowing three-day multimedia rock show featuring guerilla theater, light shows and music by the Grateful Dead. For many celebrants, the event—replete with LSD-spiked ice cream—proved a transformative experience that would radiate throughout the culture. Filmmaker Eric Christensen shows how the Trips Festival became the blueprint for Burning Man, raves and much more. The festival inspired its presenter, Bill Graham, to book his first rock show at the Fillmore Auditorium; its producer, Stewart Brand, would go on to create the seminal Whole Earth Catalog and pioneering online community the Well. Narrator Peter Coyote likens this hip happening to “the proverbial lightning bolt that hit the primordial soup ... just the right spark to create a new life form.” Get on the bus.... World Premiere