Saturday, December 16, 2006

Check out Paully's Plant a tree website. This Winter's Bay Area Benefit is being planned.

All enjoyed the first night of Hanukah!
I gave Mr Scotto the new book by Blair Jackson titled
"Grateful Dead Gear".
Since Scott doesnt browse around message boards, he didnt know the book was written, so it was a fun to see his surprise.
It's lots of text and photos. Having read Blair on many, many other occasions, I expect this will be another fine read!
Thanks Blair!
My younger kids want one big electronica item this year rather than a bunch of smaller priced stuff. Ipod for Suzy and a WII for little Billy...You might think that would be easier than rounding up gifts for each night but you'd be wrong....What exactly is a Wii and how come every store is out of them?
See what I mean?