Thursday, October 05, 2006

from The Rex Foundation

Dear Friends,

We launched the Rex Community Caravan to be our virtual vehicle for philanthropy, where each of us can help generate positive social change with contributions that we might otherwise consider spare change over the course of a year, such as $5.00 is a penny a day, $36.00 is 10 cents a day, or $50 is 14 cents a day.

To demonstrate the power of spare change to generate social change, Rex is initiating a Call for Change to raise $50,000 over the next five months. All dollars raised via our Rex Community Caravan between October 3, 2006 and March 2, 2007 will be distributed as grants. Contributors can tell us if they want donations to go towards one of Rex's main areas of funding - healthy environment, individuality in the arts, social & economic justice, preservation of indigenous cultures, strong community and the education of children and adults.

To see what you can help accomplish, go to the Rex Community Caravan and make a donation on-line or download the Caravan form to fax or mail. To specify a grant area, enter one of the 6 bolded titles noted above. Forward this e-mail to others you want to bring on board the Rex Community Caravan to help generate social change with their spare change.

Each month, we'll announce the Caravan totals and include stories about the kinds of programs your contributions support, like the one about NextCourse, pictured below.

Get on board the Rex Community Caravan and watch your spare change generate social change. Check out Fostering the Power of Community, Service and the Arts for more about what we mean by social change and the work of the Rex Foundation towards this.

And, save Friday, December 1, 2006 for Vibes For Peace at the Warfield Theater, San Francisco.

Thanks for all your support.

Sandy Sohcot
Executive Director

May 2006 Rex Grantee - NextCourse

The work of NextCourse is integral to generating social change because it is helping people who have been systematically lacking vital information about and access to healthy food shift their behaviors and become part of the ever-growing population that demands health and sustainability. More about NextCourse...

This email was sent by: Rex Foundation: P. O. Box 29608 San Francisco, CA, 94129-0608, USA

The Weirbacks
San Francisco, CA

1: Petrified Man, Been Around, Your smile?, Bertha, Brown Eyed Women, Mama Tried, Get A Gun,
Dupree's Diamond Blues, Big River->19th Nervous Breakdown, Cumberland Blues

2: Fungus Fugues #s 12 & 35?->Compadres in the Old Sierra Madre->Jack Straw->Dire Wolf,
Casey Jones, Ring of Fire, Kashmir, Saint Stephen->William Tell Bridge->The Last Time

E: Brokedown Palace, Fortunate Son

What a fun evening- before I continue...hear some for yourself clicky here!- Hoping the link is working by the time YOU click it.

My ever hardy cohort Kemmie, picked me up late afternoon yesterday. We were in good spirits despite gray & gloomy skies. Knowing we'd finally have 2 sets of Bobby in the city was like a hit of sunshine! Scott was sure his softball game was happening (argh, it's still softball season even though Baseball is finally over)...We were surprised to find only about 6 people in the ticket line and nobody in the will call line. I was first in line and that happily put me next to clear glass entrance doors. Though locked, we could easily hear soundchecks , even feel the vibrations on the outside walls (and yes, they were good vibrations). Only a few moments after we were standing there, Bobby walked by us, he was looking happy and ready to play! We soon heard him join in the sound check. All I could see from the line was Stevie Coyle and James Nash (WaybackS).
I could hear Bobby loud and clearly go through a rendition of "Silver Threads and Golden Needles".
On the ride up to SF, I tried singing Silver Threads to Kemmie but in my head it kept turning into "Mama Tried"...So, I had to smile when "Mama Tried" was played at the show..I'm getting ahead of myself so-
Back to soundcheck...
It might have been DA or the kind young man in the other line who was the first to recognize the strains of June/Johnny Carter's "Ring of Fire" being soundchecked. WOO HOO! They played it or parts of it several times and I couldnt have been more thrilled to hear it!