Friday, October 06, 2006

Bob Star Orchestra!

Managed to get out to this last night- arriving at Fillmore during the setbreak!
Another great time!!
It's been a really fun few days- thanks to Scotto for holding down the fort (his softball games ended up being cancelled-he was upset to have missed his chance at Weirbacks and predictably was too tired to head out to DSO last night. Thanks also to Kemmie for schleping me around. We had more fun than two preschool teachers prowling around the city on school nights ought to be allowed. Of course, she's off for more DSO, while I'm heading back downstairs to work on Rex goodies. Gonna catch up on some things (like sleeping) before Sunday's Weirbacks!!

Sugar Mag
Dancin in the Streets
Dark Star V1
Gimme Some Lovin'
From the Heart of Me
Music Never Stopped
Sunshine Daydream

SET 2 BOBBY's on Stage
Feel Like a Stranger
Scarlet B--John on vocals
Fire--John on vocals
Terrapin--Bobby on vocals
Space with Bobby
Sugaree - John and Bobby alternating verses
China Cat - John and Bobby alternating verses

Mighty Quinn (Rob & Bobby)
Around and Around

Bobby was in the balcony watching 1st set
Rob Eaton was by the soundboard for most of the 2nd set
(Thanx LizardKing for the setlist)

For those that don't know:

John Kadlecik - lead guitar
Rob Eaton - rhythm guitar
Kevin Rosen - bass guitar
Dino English - drums
Rob Koritz - drums
Dan Klepinger - keys
Lisa Mackey - vocals