Wednesday, February 01, 2006

From Mazzy:
An Evening To Remember "Dr. Don" Pearson
The Fillmore 1.31.2006

"Performance 3" Les Claypool, Jay Lane & Bob Weir.

bass/drum Jam+>
Maggie's Farm>
Big Boss Man>
Little Red Rooster>
Dear Prudence>
Not Fade Away>
Who Do You Love(Les Vocal)>
Not Fade Away>
Tomorrow Never Knows*

+ Les & Jay
 * w/ Martine Fierro, Barry Sless, Bobby Vega, Chris Rosenbach

woo hoo! what a show. talk about a POWER TRIO! that was awesome.

Approximately two hour set... long extended jams, and stretched out tunes. It was real layed back and casual with no more than 150-200 people. Weir was large and in charge playing the telecaster, and throwin' in a lot of slide licks. Les was laying it down solid and sang some back up vocal, but it was pretty much the "Bob Weir experience". JAY LANE ROCKS, he and Les have an incredible connection. Real nice gathering to honor Don with a touching video/photo montage and many Grateful Dead family members in attendance. Wavy Gravy and Big Steve Parish spoke fondly of Don and Dan Healy played a set with an acoustic trio.

Thanks Maz!