Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anyone win the Dead tickets from KFOG yet?

I've attempted calling in (to be #10) all week. No luck but it was cute when we put the radio on at work to listen for the Dead song (something I never do otherwise)
and after a few moments, my co-teacher Krissy shouted "Quick! Get on the phone! They are playing DEAD!".
I scrambled for the phone - gave it my best shot- but no luck....DARN!

It wasnt til about a 1/2 hour later when I thought to ask Krissy- who only knows a handful of Bobby songs that I have on an "appropriate for preschool" mix cd.-
"How did you know that song was a Grateful Dead song?"
Krissy laughed "Because that was the SAME song you have as a ring tone on your cell phone!"

I love you Krissy!