Monday, March 16, 2009

Grateful Dead Day coming up in Ithaca

from the Ithaca Journal

Grateful Dead info wanted

As a longtime Deadhead, I am pleased that Ithaca has designated May 8 as "Grateful Dead Day" in honor of the famous concerts in Barton Hall at Cornell University in the late 70s. What I need help with is finding information on the infamous concert at Schoellkopf Field at Cornell in the early 70s.

Deep Purple and Billy Preston were supposed to perform before a very ugly thunder storm stopped the show. The massive crowd, at the outdoor event, went insane after officials stopped the show. As the rain and lightening strikes intensified, the crowd stormed the field and destroyed the elevated stage. I'll always remember the eerie sound the grand piano made as it smashed to the ground. From my view, in the upper seats, the crowd looked like deranged army ants.

Maybe some readers can help me. I have searched the Internet with no avail. It almost seems like this tragedy has been wiped from the chronicles of history. I know it happened. I wasn't hallucinating. Well, maybe just a little.

If you have information about the concert, please call me at 607-594-3529.

Ron Havens