Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A word or 2 about Bobby in Keller Williams interview-
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CW: What was it like going over to Bob Weir’s (The Grateful Dead) house to record the song “Cadillac” on your album, “Dream?”

Williams: That was very surreal. The whole process of that coming about actually took about a year and half. He is very kind and generous and welcoming. I am sure he knew that I was [a] little bit nervous and he definitely was very cool. It was a very pleasurable experience.

CW: You can hear Weir’s dog barking in the song. Why did you guys decide to leave him in there?

Williams: Bobby wanted a foot-tapping track. This was after I was gone. He had cork floors in the studio, and felt the sound of flesh on the bottom of his foot sounded really good and he wanted to record that. So he did and the dog was outside the screen door and he started barking. We left it in and it felt really organic and natural and like home-studio style, which is what it was. I wanted to leave everything that Bobby put into that song.

CW: The song eventually won a Jammy for “song of the year,” but I remember listening to it for the first time going, “Is that really a dog?”

Williams: It’s very Grateful Dead-y. You know what I mean? There is the record where they are at Radio City Music Hall and the dog walks out on stage. The dog thing to me is very Grateful Dead-scene oriented.