Sunday, October 05, 2008

It seems whenever (and it's a rare thing) I decide to take a break from all things GD/RD related, references seem to pop up.
I think somewhere else in the blog is the John Perry Barlow story? Scott was taking me to dinner but forbade me to mention any Dead related anything. It wasnt hard to do but then, who should stumble into the restaurant but JPB?!

I don't think I watch that much TV but it seems an odd coincidence to be clicking tra la la thru TV channels and randomly find GD references- this weekend alone, I've hit the last 1/2 hour of "Flirting with Disaster", "The Boys of 2nd street park" (referred it a few daze ago), "Wetlands Preserved"- on cable now- a few Bobby moments and of course any program regarding the 60's, drugs or counter culture which seem to always be on some channel at any given moment.

Today, I've been feeling pokey and wanting to veg out (while crafting 500 schwag bag toys)....I head to my art room,
pull out all the tools, fabrics, glues and paints I am using.
Instead of zoning out to music, I turn on the TV....Cruising thru the channels, I settle on something called "The Rachel Zoe Project" a reality show which follows the life of a celebrity stylist and her employees. It's fashion week and Rachel's whirling from fashion show to shopping sprees. Not totally engrossing but better than the usual Sunday fare.

So, I figure I'm safe from having to think about The GD but it turns out I'm wrong. Right there, in the middle of having her make up applied, Rachel Zoe is discussing "The world's greatest band" and how she will name her first born Scarlet Begonia. Her husband/partner is incredulous that the make up artist has never heard of Jerry Garcia. I look up at the TV. I put down my scissors & glue, shut off the TV and turned the stereo on (RD 7/09/2008).
Why fight it, ya know?