Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A message from Headcount

Hey folks

HeadCount, Bobby's voter registration group, is sending a team of two people on the upcoming tour and we just had one drop out. So we are looking for someone who can commit to traveling to every show on the upcoming tour and register voters.

Before I go into the details let me say that this is very hard work and we hold our volunteers to the highest possible standard. Alcohol and drug use is prohibited when working and our volunteers must treat this like a serious job. This is not a party. It's a very important commitment to the cause of voter mobilization. That said, it's also a dream gig. Three weeks on the road with RatDog and the Mule, with all expenses paid. You will be representing an organization that Bobby personally supports and helped create.

The job responsibilities and details are as follows:

> Attend every show on the tour, with your trip beginning with a drive from SF to Eugene OR and ending in the Bay Area
> Communicate with local volunteers in advance of each show
> Set up a voter registration table at each show
> Train and manage local volunteers
> Stage an effective voter registration drive at each show
> Breakdown after each show and complete HeadCount's checkout procedure
> Follow protocols and maintain a high professional standard at all times

You will travel in a rental car with one other volunteer (female) and stay in a shared hotel room with two beds. We would also consider applications from couples and expand our operation to three people instead of two.

HeadCount covers the cost of rental car, hotel, gas and materials. Volunteers also receive a $25 per day per diem to cover food and other personal expenses. We will also cover airfare to and from San Francisco should our most qualified applicant live outside of the Bay Area (locals perfered though).

Note that we are looking for people who have demonstrated leadership experience and commitment to civic causes. Being a big fan is great but not a qualification. This is HARD WORK. If you just want to see RatDog shows, this isn't a good way to do it. You will, in fact, miss many sets of music while working. Your experience will be much closer to being part of the crew than being a fan.

But if you want to do something really memorable that you feel great about, then this may be the gig for you. Being a good citizen has never been more fun. In this election year, thousands of people will take to the streets registering voters. Only two will get to do it on RatDog/Mule tour.

If you think you have the qualifications, and are available for the entire tour, please e-mail a resume and brief cover letter to Brandej@headcount.org right away. Please note what airport you will need to fly from (if you are not from the Bay Area) and your gender if it is not clear from your name. Applicants will be considered immediately and as soon as a qualified person is identified the spot will be awarded.

Thank you very much

Andy Bernstein
executive director