Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hippy Berthaday David Lloyd!!!

....It's just a few weeks to go until the Rex bennie!

In the meanwhile, here's some news about a new movie (Yes, with Bobby adding to the fun) about Wavy Gravy.
Saint Misbehavin'
Oh and this too!!!



Legendary activist to host "Woodstock" party for winning bidder!

Auction also includes items from Jackson Browne , Graham Nash, Odetta, original photos of Bob Dylanand more!

He has been the MC for all three Woodstock Festivals, the official clown prince of the Grateful Dead, a popular Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor. And for the winner of an upcoming eBay auction, he will be the host of your very own Woodstock party.

Wavy Gravy himself will host a "Woodstock" party for the winner of an eBay auction starting on November 26 th and running though December 3rd. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the completion of the documentary film Saint Misbehavin': The Life & Time of Wavy Gravy. All winning bidders will also be included in the film's credits.

The auction can be found at eBay.com (search for "Wavy Gravy") starting Monday November 26th . Direct Link:


For the winning bidder, it's a night made in hippy heaven. Wavy will come to your party, Woodstock DVD in hand, as host and master of ceremonies. He'll tell stories about Woodstock and his other legendary encounters, sing a song, read poetry, sign autographs, and bless the space in a way only Wavy Gravy can.

In addition to Wavy Gravy himself, the benefit auction also includes one of a kind items including handwritten lyrics and original photographs from artists including Jackson Browne, Graham Nash , Odetta, Barry Feinstein, Elliott Landy, DA Pennebaker and more.

About Saint Misbehavin': The Life & Time of Wavy Gravy : Beginning with Woodstock '99, director Michelle Esrick has spent the past eight years documenting the life of Wavy Gravy. Saint Misbehavin' journeys from the hills of California to the Himalayan Mountains to reveal the life of this one of a kind servant to humanity. The film blends Wavy's own words with magical stories from an extraordinary array of fellow travelers, revealing the man behind the clown's grin and the fool's clothing. Wavy's life is his message, serving as deeply needed inspiration that we can change the world and have fun doing it. Featuring: Wavy Gavy, Bob Weir, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Steve Earle, Dr. Larry Brilliant, Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh, Ben Harper, Ken Kesey the Hog Farm & more!

For more information: www.rippleeffectfilms.com